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Heartscape Landbreak - The Remedy (Vinyl)


Heartscape Landbreak was formed by Taylor Holenbeck in 2009 in his home on the great plains of Kansas. Known for his work in The Appleseed Cast, Hospital Ships and Des Ark, Heartscape Landbreak has attempted to describe the beauty and pain of both the natural world and the human world through music.

With their new work, “The Remedy”, Heartscape Landbreak embodies the roar of a mid summers storm on the plains. The songs toil through ideas of fear, greed, consumption, depression, death and what it means to feel alive. They are the opening of the clouds, the howl of the wind, the snapping of branches, the creek running over. Yet in the face of all this bluster, the songs are meant to take in all of life’s fury and open the shutters, the windows, the doors, running hands out into the dark, letting fear wash over you, soaking you in your deepest worries, regrets, mistakes, and learning that all of this will pass. The songs are beacons of light to your loved ones; those who need your support, and to your own heart; gifts of tenderness and truth-telling. The remedy here is love.

For these recordings, Taylor is joined by his wonderful friends Kevin Broderick (The Catalyst, Des Ark), Jake Woodruff (Defeater, Dreamtigers), Nathan Dixey (The Dan Ryan, Hospital Ships), Dave Thomas (Colony Collapse), Kaeli Riccardi (Adjy), Thor Harris (Thor and Friends), Jordan Geiger (Hospital Ships), and Steve Squire. 

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