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Cosmic Dreamer Music

Heartscape Landbreak / Minus Story Double 7" and Zine


Longtime collaborators Taylor Holenbeck (Heartscape Landbreak) and Jordan Geiger (Minus Story, Hospital Ships) share a batch of rarities with a deluxe art-zine. 

"Fear No More" was written prior to Heartscape Landbreak's The Remedy. The thematic and sonic seeds are sewn in this single song.  Geiger contributes a cacophony of drums, paralleling Minus Story's philosophy that dissonance creates beauty. 

The two Minus Story singles bookend their career. "You're My Air" was recorded prior to the critically acclaimed The Captain Is Dead, Let the Drum Corpse Dance. "The Way Beyond" was tracked in 2007 before the "Make the Dead Come" EP. 

The art-zine was collaged by Andy Byers.  All writing and drawings by Taylor Holenbeck.  Photos by Jordan Geiger and Nick Christus.  "Fear No More" remixed by Say My Name.

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