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Taft - Goodnight, Plum (Vinyl Pre-Order)

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Taft - Goodnight, Plum (Vinyl Pre-Order)


“Goodnight, Plum”, the third album from Taft, draws power from vulnerability.  Performed as a live in-studio concert with minimal overdubs, Taft creates a landscape that is loose and nocturnal, imprinted with eccentricities, presence, and deep emotional space.  These performances call to mind the crooning of Sean Nicholas Savage set against rhythms so slack and irregular they would be at home on the earliest Dr. John records. Making “goodnight, plum” was a ritual; a divining of space for the spirit away from the noise of the world.  Written in grain silos in Vermont and mountain hideaways in California, these songs ramble freely through complex chord colors, contained and made cogent by the force of Taft’s voice, itself twisting and dissolving like smoke over fire.

Edition of 500.

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